$2,040 Raised

GIO Wollongong Trekkers

Our GIO Wollongong Branch opened in 2017 and we are excited that this will be a great event that we can do together to support a wonderful cause.

On the Team

$40 Claudia Bensley more info

$40 Hilary Key more info

$50 Katie Moshage more info

$20 Amber James more info

$50 Daniel James more info

$50 Regina Howe more info

$90 Vivienne Collins more info

$100 Kirstie Turner more info

$205 Melinda Padroth more info

$50 Eva Waterfall more info

$50 Tina Banasiak more info

$50 Blaise Scaife-Hall more info

Supported by

$1,020 Suncorp Group


$50 Lyndsay Wiseman

$50 Anthony Quach

$20 Phil

$20 Shaylah Kutia-Tupp